Happy Pancake Day!!

It’s Shrove Tuesday which means – pancakes!!

My husband loves them so we’ll definitely be having them for dinner tonight. I like mine with lemon and sugar – how about you?

Talking about eating, I’ve pretty much decided what I want my weightloss goal to be. I have to lose around 40lbs in total so I think I’m gonna do it 10lbs at a time. I think I’ll feel much better about progress if I do it that way.

I’ve been pinning away on Pinterest and have found some great ideas for cheap and healthy meals. I can’t wait to try them out and post the results. I absolutely love healthy food but I’m just so darn lazy that I can never be bothered to prepare my meals in advance. I really need to get into that habit.

So I’ve already told you that I want to lose weight but I also said that I was having pancakes! Not the best choice but it’s tradition! On Saturday me and Jon are going to Jamie’s Italian which I’m really looking forward to. We had some vouchers for Christmas last year so we thought we’d go around Valentine’s Day.

I’ve got my outfit all ready to go and I have an idea for makeup so you’ll see an OOTN soon!

We’re going into town for this meal, so I thought that it would be cool if we went out and had a couple of drinks in a bar beforehand seeing as we never ever do that. I’m excited!

Anyway, after the meal on Saturday I have to fully knuckle down with what I eat so it should be fun to experiment with loads of recipes and work out how much everything will cost me each week. It might even be an idea to put my weeks meals on here each week. Hmmm…


Until next time!


Cat x

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