Shoes – A tough subject

Me and shoes.

It’s almost like we like each other, but we really don’t. We hate each other immensely. Except that I keep on buying them.

I have loads of shoes. Literally, for someone who pretty much wears the same shoes every single day, I have tons. It’s always because I’m trying to make up an outfit and then I never wear them again. Or that I never did – because they don’t like me.

Now, I have pretty large feet – UK size 7-8 – so I try to buy heels so they don’t make my feet look as long. The trouble is, they either really hurt or they’re far too high so I end up walking like a robot in them. Luckily, the trend of wedges and platform heels are going some way to help me out. Not all of them mind. Some wedges are still far too high for me.

I probably have 2 pairs of heels that I can actually wear and feel comfortable in. These are my most recent purchase:

HM heels

These shoes are comfortable and not too high but they add elegance. Basically it makes me look grown up if I wear heels. I got them from H&M for just £14.99 which I think is great!

To work I usually wear my trainers but I’ve also been known to wear ballet pumps too. The problem with them is that they aren’t really suitable for this wet winter weather. Most of them are destroyed now anyway.

One of the jobs I’m looking at is sorting out all of my shoes and selling the ones that are suitable. As I said, some of them haven’t even made them outside my house! I’ll probably put them up on eBay to so I’ll pop a link here when I do.

I want to get some useful storage for either the bottom of my wardrobe or under the stairs so I can organise my shoes.

Shoe storage

This would work really well under the stairs although I’d probably want ones with clear doors on the front so that no creepy crawlies got in them! Eugh!

I’ll also be sorting out my clothes and organising my wardrobe so SUBSCRIBE and you can see my cheap and DIY storage solutions!


Cat x

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