Must… Go… Shopping…

I really need to go shopping! I really should sort out my wardrobe before I go though. So maybe that’ll be this weekend’s job. I have so many clothes but because my weight has fluctuated, they are all various sizes. I just need to chuck the ones I no longer wear.

My style has completely changed and now I only wear a few things out of the hundreds that I have. I now realise that you really only need a few things that can be mixed and matched. I want to get some key pieces that I’m currently missing from my wardrobe.

So…yeah… those key pieces…. Can someone help me out? What are your key pieces for a woman’s wardrobe?

I already have my eye one that bright yellow blazer from Matalan which I will very definitely be buying come pay day. I also have a £20 Primark voucher that I’ll be using to get a couple of things. I have been to Primark in ages! 

I know that I definitely need some smart black trousers. Maybe some tapered ones. I have plenty of jeans now so I don’t really need any more. I think I need varying types of trousers and just a couple of tops.

I’m getting into accessories again so would like to start wearing more jewellery, scarves, etc.

Anyway, I’ll make a plan for sorting out my clothes. I might even have a few things that I can sell! More money for shopping!

Cat x

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