Hard as Nails!

I used to be a biter. I used to bite my nails so low they would bleed. I started at a really young age and I never thought I would have “grown up” nails!

I always wanted long nails. I used to put nail varnish on the tiny bits of nail that was left at the ends of my fingers.

After a while I started to understand what was good for my nails and what made me bite them. The revelation was that I wasn’t trying to just bite my nails – I was trying to tidy my nail with my teeth when I got a chip! My simple solution? I always make sure that I carry a nail file around with me. It’s as simple as that!

My nails are now super strong! They hardly break or chip but when they do I have my nail file on hand!

Nails Plain

For ages I wouldn’t use colour – just clear polish. I don’t know, there was just something about it that I thought made my hands look old.

I have started wearing dark colours on my nails, but I want to try something a bit brighter soon for spring. The lovely COF had a post recently with this colour in it.


It’s Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Absinthe. However, at the costly price of £14.50, I think I’ll be looking for a dupe. It’s definitely a change from the dark colours that I usually wear but I do love bright colours for clothes so why not try it!

If anyone has any ideas for dupes of this colour, please let me know! Come pay day, I think I’ll grab a couple of polishes to try!


Cat xx

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