My Christmas List – Beauty Highlights

So, last time I was talking about advent and this time it’s Christmas! Don’t tell me that you were surprised…

I have already started adding items to my Christmas list – in reality, I’ve pretty much finished it. You see, my in-laws are pretty on top of things when it comes to Christmas. They like to distribute the list amongst family members too so that cousins, aunties and uncles can all get us things that we actually want. I actually think that is a great idea – no more ugly Christmas jumpers!

The only issue with this is that I have to create a list with items varying in price. This is because items will also end up in stockings! Hopefully you can now understand why I start my Christmas list so early!

Anyway, here are some of the beauty highlights from my list.

MAC Top Coat in Shadow – £10

MAC Shadow

This stuff looks really cool and I really hope I get it! It’s actually a top coat which gives a smoky affect to any nail polish you have. I’m looking forward to trying this as I have found that I prefer very dark colours on my nail rather than bright ones so at least I could use the shadow top coat to mute the colour a bit.

MAC Eyeshadow X15 in Cool Neutral – £65

Eye Shadow Palette

Now this is a great item to put on my Christmas list. It’s a more than I would normally spend on a palette but it would be nice to actually get as a gift. This would cost you double to buy the shadows individually so is great value for money. The only downside is that the palette isn’t refillable, so you wouldn’t be able to top up on your most used shades. The way I see it, you get to try a load of different shades and then for Christmas next year you could add an empty palette and lots of your favourite shades. They’re only £13 each so you can buy some yourself too!

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set – £56.95

Zoevz Brush set

No matter who you are, you need good quality brushes. Whilst you may not be able to splurge on MAC brushes (they are very expensive), you can get a very good quality set for Zoeva. It comes with some really good brushes and, unlike some cheaper sets) they have the name and number on the brush itself, so you know which one to use where. I’m pretty sure that if you are a beginner this is a great inexpensive set to start off with. Shout out to for bringing these to my attention.

Speak soon!


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