No7 25 Days of Christmas – A week(ish) in review 1st -9th

My treats so far!I wrote a little while back about the beauty advent calendars on offer, and I decided to go for the No7 25 Days of Christmas advent calendar. At £35, it’s a steal!

I wanted to quickly go over my first week(ish). I plan to do a full review of my highlights at the end of the month so I can go over my favourites.

The items that I have had so far are pretty awesome. There’s a lip crayon in a lovely neutral colour, a nail varnish in pretty much the same colour, a skin illuminator, an eyeshadow and a mini mascara (which I think is super cute and will probably be one of my favs).

There have also been a couple of skin care items including a day cream, an eye cream (which I will definitely be using – I’ll probably do a review) and a skin exfoliator. There was also an eye shadow brush.

So far, I’m happy with the items that I have received and I’m looking forward to giving them all a try. I’m not really a skin care person, so I’m excited to give the eye cream and day cream a try.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be doing a review of my highlights for the end of this month. I will also try out each of the items as time goes on so hopefully (eventually) you’ll get a full review of each of the items.

If you don’t want to wait a week, follow me on Instagram where I’ll be uploading a picture each day with the items that I get!

Speak soon x

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