What on Earth Have I Been Up To?!

I told you guys a couple of months ago that I started a Youtube channel. If you haven’t taken a look, please head over to my channel.


Over there, I’m trying to make sure I put up a video weekly from Hauls and OOTDs (eventually), to hair reviews.

I’ve spent the last couple of months trying to learn how to use Premiere Pro so that my videos don’t look like crap! Also I’ve been trying to come up with loads of video ideas that I would enjoy watching myself. I’d say that it’s that last bit that is the most difficult! I think that we watch so many Youtubers doing hauls that we forget that it costs money to do them!

I’m into makeup but I’m not into telling people how to put on theirs – I don’t think I’m actually that great! Although I suppose I could just film my own looks.

I’m also in the process of buying a new house. I’ve had the idea of filming a video for a couple of the rooms that are being decorated. I’ve already done my dressing room and I plan on doing other rooms too. Mainly my lounge and my kitchen/diner.

I’ve also tried to start paying more attention to social media so I am on Instagram (follow me)! and Twitter (follow me there too)! I’ve been trying to tweet or Instagram at least once a day so look out for those!

As I’m just beginning, I’d love you to take a look and give me any tips or ideas on how to make this channel something for me to be proud of!

In the meantime, I’m going to try to keep up with blogging also about once a week. It’s actually really useful having both because there are quite a few topics that wouldn’t make very good Youtube videos and vice versa.

Until next time peeps!

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