So last week I started working out my shopping list. I do my shopping with Tesco online and book it for delivery on Sunday morning. I find it really handy because I find that I’m less likely to forget something and I also don’t walk past some tasty looking naughtiness and buy it!

I decided that I was going to try meal prepping which (amazingly), I haven’t done before! So I went online and found some ideas on what I could try. I haven’t strictly counted calories, but I’m pretty much aware of everything and I know that nothing is necessarily bad for me (I’m looking at you avocado).

So for breakfast, I’m having something that was inspired by something I found online. It’s called a country breakfast and it consists of roasted potato chunks, scrambled egg, cheese, salsa and peppers. I thought that it looked like a great idea and something that should be filling. I changed it up slightly with quinoa (was supposed to be sweet potato) and added avocado and fresh tomatoes. I’ve put together enough for 2 days and will make a little more on Tuesday night for the rest of the work week.

For lunch, I was thinking protein and veggies. So I’ve gone for some grilled chicken breast, brown rice and veggies. Pretty straight forward and hopefully filling enough to keep me going until dinner. I usually eat my lunch at about 1pm and I leave the office at 5:30 so hopefully I can make it!

Dinner will be very simple. I’m thinking pork and veg!

I’ve not really thought about what is happening at the weekend – I might just go for a smoothie for breakfast and soup for lunch.

The most important thing though – WATER! I’m going to aim to drink 3 litres a day but at least 2.

So this is it. I’m hopeful that I can stick to this as the way I lose this weight. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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