New dress?

I bought a new dress yesterday from NewLook and OMG it is beautiful.


I bought it for my brother-in-law’s wedding! Yeah, I did mention already that it likely in September next year but oh well! That’ll be why I bought it in a size 14! In fairness, I hope to be more like a size 12 but at least I can get the dress taken in professionally. Hopefully then it would look even better!

The next thing I need to thing about is my hair. I think that I would definitely suit a LOB with a slimmer looking face. I’m thinking something like this.

LOB Kaley Cuoco

In black though obviously. I don’t think I would go for any highlights, I would just want it very simple.

I need to get back onto Ali Express to see if I can find some good hair to make the wig. One of my favourite Youtubers, Patricia Bright is releasing a hair line at the end of this month. Hopefully it won’t cost too much! I’d like to buy it as soon as it is released so that I can do a review.

Until next time… mwah!

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