Tartelette and Lorac Eyeshadow Palette


Hey guys!

I picked up a couple of eyeshadow palettes from Amazon the other day. I’m totally behind on these palettes but hey, I like to buck the trends! Kind of…

Tartelette Amazonian Clay


I went for the Amazonian Clay Tartelette palette first. I’ve heard so many great things about this matte palette and I had to finally get my hands on it!


The first thing I noticed about the palette was it’s beautiful packaging! I love that it’s a metal case with a massive mirror inside! It was actually a bit blinding when I opened it because I was in the kitchen and had the light on!


What I love about this palette is that it has the name of each colour underneath them. I can’t explain how many times I’ve had a palette which had a clear plastic sheet with the names on (Sleek, I’m looking at you), like I’m not going to end up losing it!



I saw a video by Youtuber, Kandee Johnson and she used the LORAC PRO Matte pallette. I’m thinking if it’s good for Kandee, it’s good for me!


This is a lovely smaller sized palette in some basic matte shades. The case has a slightly rubbery feel. Once again, this palette has the name of the colours under each of them! I’ve always wondered how people remember the name of colours off the top of their head! I guess if you use it long enough, you’ll get to know them.


I’m looking forward to giving these palettes a go! I love a nude because I like them for everyday wear. I also have my brother in-law’s wedding to go to in June, so I want to try out some makeup looks before then to find that perfect face!


I’ll share my makeup looks with you once I get a chance to give them a try!

What are your favourite looks with these palettes? I’d love some interesting ideas!


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