Yes! The dress fits!

I bought a different dress for my brother in law’s wedding! I should never have bought a dress for a summer wedding in the autumn! In that post I mentioned that it would likely be in September but it’s actually in July!

My autumn coloured dress was starting to seem a lot less suitable.


So I bought a new one! That didn’t fit…

Yellow River Island Dress

So pretty! From River Island

Luckily, I tried it on yesterday and it fits! Which is lucky as I only have a month until the wedding. That might have been a struggle…

I love the vibrancy of this dress as the yellow definitely suits a summer wedding. I’m planning on pairing this with blue strappy wedges and a blue clutch. I picked blue because that’s the colour of my glasses! I’ve loved the glasses that I bought recently and they’re much larger than the small frames I usually get and have a lot more personality.

My Glasses

My glasses from Glasses Direct

Normally I wouldn’t wear my glasses to a special event but I love these so much that I’m gonna go for it anyway!

I’m planing on doing a get ready with me video for this look so I’ll be sure to do a post when it’s live!


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