Wedding Outfit is a Go!

After months of planning, I finally have this outfit down!

I picked up this dress from River Island, after a last minute switch.

Yellow River Island Dress

The question with this outfit was how I was going to break it up. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t too keen on looking like Big Bird!

I’ve decided on breaking this dress up with some blue accessories.

Blue bag

I picked up this faux suede clutch from eBay. I was starting to struggle with exactly what I was after, but when I saw this, I knew it was the one! This bag is really well sized and has a super cute chain so that I can through it over my shoulder.

This bag will easily fit my phone, camera and some makeup so I’m really happy with it!

Blue shoes

Now whilst these wedges aren’t the exact same colour as the bag, they’ll be far enough away from each other that no one will notice. These are also from eBay. AND! They’re also faux suede!

I’ve mentioned before that I can’t really walk in heels but I can in wedges. The wedge requirement alone narrowed down my options but added to the fact that I wanted them to be blue, it was almost impossible! I’m so glad that I found these as I can actually walk in them and they are very comfortable. I’m probably still going to pick up a pair of blue flats just so that I can dance the night away later in the evening!

They’re having a hog roast for the evening and as it’s the summer, a lot of the evening will be happening outside. I thought it would be a good idea to get a large pashmina/scarf (in blue of course), so that I could drape it over my shoulder when the chill inevitably hits in the evening.

I’m thinking of doing a GRWM video for my Youtube video so I’ll be sure to update when I do!


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