Here I Go Again!

Y’all, I’ve already fallen off the plan!

I signed up for the BBG plan but I’m finding it so confusing! I’m struggling with how to plan the meals and that alone is what has made me fall off plan.

A friend of mine suggested Slimming World because it’s pretty easy. In fairness it really is! What I love about it is that I can eat whenever I want and it isn’t restricted to 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. I’m not saying that I’m the greediest person in the world, but some days I find that I need to eat more than others. Slimming World gives me the flexibility!

Slimming World

I’ll be honest, I’m still not entirely sure how it works! I think it’s supposed to be a chemical thing. Kind of weird but if it works I’m game!

I bought the starter pack online and I’m not going to go to the meetings because that’s the best way to make me stop doing something! Some days I just don’t want to go out again after work. Also, I find it a bit embarrassing!

Starter Pack

But let’s hold our horses! I’m not starting until next week as I have the wedding this week.

I’ve actually done Slimming World before and I lost a fair amount of weight but of course put it back on. I don’t think I’ve ever taken it seriously. It’s always been for an event and nothing else. This time, there is less of an event. Well, to be fair it’s kind of an event because I’m 30 in October! I really want to go into my 30s feeling great so I’ve set myself a goal.

My goal is to lose 2 stone by my birthday which gives me 10 weeks. That’s quite a challenge but I’m up for it!

I’ll check in sometime in August to let you know how I get on!



PS. I know I said that I wouldn’t go on about weight loss stuff but I thought I’d mention this change! Hopefully me losing weight will encourage me to do more look books and the like!

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